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Lisa Loves: Health + Lifestyle

Cold water swimming has been something I’ve done a fair bit the last month and I have finally experienced for myself the benefits that so many people talk about and are very well documented in scientific literature.

This is me in the Forty Foot in Dublin

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Whether I continue this in Melbourne when I get home, I’m not sure - but I’m putting it on the list of ‘mini-experiments’ I’ll try!

This is a good article covering lots of the benefits below:

Try it on here:

Lisa Loves: Home + Heart

After visiting Copenhagen I am now all things Danish. New obsession activated!

I have driven past this store a few times and when I was googling ‘Danish Design Melbourne’ I realised there was a reason I always drove past and thought “I must visit that store”.

Oh my goodness it’s happening when I go home.

This store was super fun to visit on our travels, it doesn’t have stores in Australia (yet!) but if you live overseas or have travel over here (or have friends that can send you things - I highly recommend a trip to Flying Tiger for all things Danish affordable (especially if you have kids - mine loved it)

Try it on here

The Design Files

Danish Design Brand HAY Opens Its First Melbourne Store!

Flying Tiger

Copenhagen store

Lisa Loves: Mind + Soul

What I’m listening to

This podcast episode by Sarah Wilson is a really interesting listen. The degrowth economy is something I’ve been learning about and this gives a reasoning as to why it’s going to be important to rethink how we do life in every way. Might be confronting to listen to, but I think it's important.

Wild with Sarah Wilson: GAYA HERRINGTON: Complete Global Collapse by 2040? The prediction is “right on track”

What I’m watching

And Just Like That Season 2 because - light relief!

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Wild with Sarah Wilson

with GAYA HERRINGTON on Apple Podcasts

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