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Morning Coffee:

I am loving my morning coffee routine in each new place we arrive. It’s actually a great way to acquaint myself with a place and see how the locals do it. Sometimes there’s nothing but cows milk on offer (which I can’t tolerate) so I have it black! But for the most part I haven’t found it difficult to find oat or soy milk on my travels.

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Freezing cold fjords or sunny and warm beaches - swimming has been a sought out and much loved pastime on this trip, for all four of us. When my kids were toddlers I swore by the ‘just add water’ rule to make everything better - a bath, water play, the pool, even a hose! Seems on this trip when my travellers get weary or grumpy or narky with each other, we just add water and everyone feels better.

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Pen and paper. Nothing beats it for me. No matter where I am I need a spirax notebook - it doesn’t need to be fancy - I just need to be able to write. Every time I return to this practice I am reminded why it’s so powerful. Journaling for me is clarity, new awareness and creating a map of what’s to come.

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The cake my son requested for his birthday:

As an ex-wholefoods blogger this pains me! But we all tried it at a friend's house before we left Melbourne and he had very fond memories. So it was the cake he asked for on his 13th birthday!

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What I’m listening to

Hall and Oates. A lot. I don’t know why but if I get a minute to put air pods in my ear (not often at the moment!) it’s Hall and Oates I want to hear. Not cool. Very great.

What I’m watching

Bingeing new season of Virgin River and introducing the kids to lots of old films that they are mixed about (Big and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids “look sooooo old” hahah!)

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