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Lisa Loves: Health + Lifestyle

I cannot even describe my complete love affair with Recipetin Eats

I know I’ve shared Nagi’s cookbook before and I’m steadily making my way through it but in case you haven’t got it yet - I’ll share two of the recipes from her blog that are huge hits here!

This is outrageously good. I am always looking for ways to get red meat into my kids and they all loved this.

And you know when you look in the fridge and there’s some chicken there and you just don’t know what to do with it? Do this! I actually used thighs that needed to be used up. Finger lickin’ good!

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Last month I started Pickleball lessons. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a combo of tennis, ping pong and badminton. My local tennis club has just installed two pickleball courts so I signed up to a term of lessons - watch this space!

Here’s a clip of what it’s about:

Lisa Loves: Home + Heart

The weather is getting cooler and they might not be the most eco-friendly choice but my kids all got one of these blankets from ‘Santa’ and they adore them. My nieces have loved coming over and getting cosy under them so much that they bought some too. They have lovely patterns - I have the check one on my bed. Sooooo cosy!

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I have genuinely never seen my Dad laugh as hard as when he is playing the Family Edition of Cards Against Humanity with his grandkids! I’m talking sweat pouring down his face, can hardly breath, bowled over on the chair laughing. If you’ve ever enjoyed the adults version and have some young people around with a great sense of humour - I highly recommend!

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Lisa Loves: Mind + Soul

What I’m reading:

Scary Smart by Mo Gawdat has absolutely blown my mind. I had no idea about where things were heading with AI and this book is great because it allows a noob like me to understand it and it’s also an exploration into how us regular punters are actually active players in where this is going. Highly recommend if this is something that you want to understand more about. I mean - it’s moving at a pretty fast pace now and will affect all of us, so worth getting our heads around.

What I’m listening to:

The new podcast - Wiser Than Me - by Julia Louis-Dreyfus is such a breath of fresh air. She interviews older women who are ‘wiser than her’ and the chats on life and love and friendship and career and what matters are awesome. I am so attracted to stories of older women at the moment, and soaking up all their delicious wisdom, so this podcast is everything!

For this reason the Instagram page @womenonthest (Women on the Street) is also a personal fave.

Try it on here

Scary Smart

by Mo Gawdat

Wiser Than Me

with Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Big love
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