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Sauerkraut is making a comeback in our household. I was married to a keen fermenter - he even had his own eCourse called Small Steps to Fermenting. I never had to do any of it.

And while we have a favourite brand of store bought, I recently found Nick’s old fermenting Bible - Sandor Katz The Art of Fermentation - whilst doing a declutter and I gave homemade kraut a go. I mean - it’s so easy. The most annoying part is sterilising the jars and it’s not even a big deal!

There’s something really satisfying about homemade ferments. And that good gut bacteria just cannot be beat.

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abi and joseph

leggings are worn and worn and worn and worn and they have held their shape and not pilled - I cannot recommend them highly enough.

I love that they are an Australian-based company founded by a woman.

If you’ve ever seen me on socials in activewear - it’s their full-length leggings I’m wearing.

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Lisa Loves: Home + Heart

Maggie Dents: Calming Today’s Anxious Kids event

This Month I am attending Maggie Dents: Calming Today’s Anxious Kids event in Melbourne. Maggies’ events are always so helpful and practical and leave me with a whole bag of new parenting tricks. This event is happening March 4 in Melbourne - if you are going to make sure to say hello if you see me! There is also an event later in the year in Cairns.

One of the speakers at the event is a friend, Allison Davies, who is my go-to person on all things Brains and Behaviours. She is brilliant. Definitely recommend giving her a follow on the instas! She’s @allisondavies_musicandthebrain

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Allison Davies

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It’s definitely time to update the cushions in my house and as I was searching google I realised Gorman are doing 50% most of their cushions! So I am currently in struggle town trying to decide which to go with.

I’m thinking a bit of Sour Straps and some Summers Eve thrown in? And I’m not sure I need a floor cushion but check out Raindance - how cosy and cute!

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from Gorman

Lisa Loves: Mind + Soul

What I’m reading:

Reasons Not to Worry: How to be Stoic in Chaotic Times by Brigid Delaney

This book is just so good. It’s all about applying the ‘Stoic Philosophy’ to modern day times. It’s interesting because being ‘stoic’ or ‘stoicism’ as we understand it today is not a true representation of the roots of the philosophy.

It’s less ‘stiff upper lip’ and repressing things and more about living your most full and connected and worry-free life. I am really enjoying this read.

What I’m watching:

I loved Bad Sisters (Apple). What a brilliant series! And while watching this, as I often do, I researched the actors and the oldest sister, played by Sharon Horgan, whose performance I really enjoyed, created a series years ago that is one of the best I’ve seen for ages.

Funny, real, surprising - it’s all the good things.

And it’s called Catastrophe. Watch it on Stan.

Sharon is an Irish writer, producer and actor and I’ve only just discovered her work. WIll dive into Motherland next!

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