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Lisa Loves List Build 01-01

This July I am packing up and hitting the road on an adventure with the kids so what I’m loving at the moment has a lot to do with things I’ve found in preparation!

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Lisa Loves: Health + Lifestyle

I put the call out for water bottle solutions to take with us on my socials and was introduced to these two eco-friendly brands. Both have their benefits and now I need to decide which ones to take!

WORTHY Sugarcane Drink Bottles

ROLLA the Roll-Small Water Bottle

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Lisa Loves: Home + Heart

Home is going to be many different places while the kids and I head off on our five month adventure!

And we are taking all our possessions in backpacks! Obviously they are untested as yet but I’m really happy so far with my choices.

This is what I got for the kids: Caribee 40L Traveller

And the one I bought for myself: Osprey 70L Fairview

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It’s funny the things I already know I’m going to miss from home. And it’s not products or appliances - it’s my bed and also the FEELING of home. I wanted to share this as a reminder that no matter what state your home is in - you can choose to love it just as it is. Because you belong there. That’s a beautiful thing. 

And for the record - I have a Koala bed. I updated it when my marriage ended. I wanted a new bed, for a new stage of my life. The design of bed frame I have isn’t available anymore, but this

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Lisa Loves: Mind + Soul

What I’m watching

How had I not watched Bump, with Claudia Karvan before?! What a fabulous Aussie series. Highly recommend as an easy watch (which is exactly what I’ve needed!)

What I’m reading

I am saving this up for the trip, but so many people have recommended Kate Langbroek’s book about her family’s time in Italy - Ciao Bella. I cannot wait to dive in!

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watch on Stan

Ciao Bella!

by Kate Langbroek

Big love
until next month…

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