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Lisa Loves List Build 01-01

Ahhhhh the deliciousness and possibility of a New Year and a big long break from regular routine. I love the holidays but they can also feel a little relentless when it comes to the three little people I live with!

Below you’ll find a collection of my favourite things and I’m not sure if anyone else is in the mood to declutter but we could definitely keep each other accountable or share before and after pics in Circle if you are keen.

Of course - let me know if there’s anything from this list that you’ll be trying on.

Big love,

Lisa x

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Lisa Loves: Health + Lifestyle

What I won’t be without in 2023…

I’m not really a ‘stuff’ person. I don’t shop a lot. But when I find something I like - I’m a very happy lady! These are three of my favourite products that I’m so grateful to have come across.

LaMav BB Cream - this is what I wear everyday over my moisturiser. I use the medium colour. I often get asked about my makeup routine and it is very, very simple and this is the base of it all. I have been using it for about 6 years. Australian company, organic, cruelty-free great coverage but not cakey - it ticks a lot of boxes!

Kwench Brew Cup - for years I used a glass Keep Cup for my takeaway coffee (one almond latte per day!) because I like drinking out of glass, but more often than not the coffee would be cool by the time I got home with it if I was walking (which happens most school days). I saw the name Kwench come up in the comments section of my Instagram and checked them out and they are a new local start-up with gorgeous products. I decided to try their water bottle and Brew Cup and I LOVE both. I got the Deep Water colour in the Brew and it’s gorgeous. And my coffee stays piping hot!

My sunhat - Many hats claim to hold their shape but this is the only one that has been true to its promise. I love the wide brim and the fact I can change the shape of it because there’s wire around the edges of the brim. Stay sunsmart peeps!

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Lisa Loves: Health + Lifestyle

My two favourite meditation apps

I’m a guided meditation kind of gal.

I like following along to words. I’m not hugely into just sitting in silence.

In 2019 I met an amazing woman named Fleur Chambers who was having extraordinary success on the Insight Timer app as a meditation teacher and I suggested that she start her own App. The Happy Habit was born soon after (and she released a book this year too!) and I absolutely love and am always recommending her short guided meditations both as a starting point and a way to deepen your meditation practice.

The power of hypnosis is well-documented and it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but I’ve tried a few different apps and Harmony is the one I love the best. My days always feel better if they start off with listening to one of these. There’s quite a few free tracks available if you don’t want to subscribe.

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The Happy Habit

Meditation, sleep, journaling

Harmony Hypnosis

Calm, strength, confidence and motivation

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Lisa Loves: Home + Heart

Simplifying my home is happening this year. I have never lived in a house for longer than two and a half years in my adult life - until this house!

We have been renting here for five years and there’s …. build up. I cannot keep waiting to move until I do a big clear out and with my son starting high school and my youngest turning nine this year - it’s time to make a little space for the next stage.

There’s a lot of brilliant decluttering advice online and I’ve always been a fan of writing my own lists and ticking things off - but when I found this list it gave me some fresh ideas about what can go.

Good food is always a big part of my home. I bought my boyfriend The Made in India cookbook by Meera Sodha and we are really enjoying experimenting with it.

All of us (that includes five kids with very different taste preferences!) loved the Coconut and Tamarind Chicken Curry and ‘Aunty Harsha’s Naan’ is also absolutely delicious.

The recipes are simple but full of flavour and it’s a gorgeous book to have on the shelf (this matters!)

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Over 130 delicious recipes collected from three generations of family

Lisa Loves: Mind + Soul

Read, Watch and Listen

Read: Sustainability in the Suburbs by Laura Trotta is going to get a good workout this January and when I purchased my copy - I purchased one for a Crew Member too! Get set for a January giveaway! There’s so many things we can do as households to reduce our footprint and while that alone won’t mean we avoid climate catastrophe, I certainly aim to be a family of good stewards of resources and energy and waste. I’m upping the anti this year with Laura’s help!

Read: I read the divine Rewilding the Urban Soul by Claire Dunn last year and absolutely adored it. It’s a perfect holiday book as it explores how we can connect deeply with nature in our urban lives - highly recommend.

Watch: If you haven’t seen Acapulco on Apple TV and need a light-hearted holiday watch then this was a fave of mine in 2022! Ahhhhhh the 80’s fashion is enough reason to watch.

Watch: I was lucky enough to see Esther Perel in person last year and I came across this interview she did with Dumbo Feather. I loved her answer when she was asked, “It seems we are becoming so entrenched in our beliefs - how do we stay spacious and generous and open?” She also explains how relationships have changed so much recently. Her insights are fascinating about freedom and choice and how HARD this actually makes life sometimes.

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Available on Apple TV

Esther Perel

in conversation with Dumbo Feather

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