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Lisa Loves: Health + Lifestyle

Whilst travelling it’s all about trying new foods! Which is fun and exciting but it became really obvious quite quickly in Japan that fresh veggies are essential to me feeling good. Isn’t it funny what we take for granted having access to? Everywhere I go I’m looking to add more freshness and vitality, because it just makes me feel better.

I miss my weekly market haul and a fridge stacked full of goodness that I can munch on any old time! Go and do it for me.

Hurraw Lip balms.

I have always loved the Hurraw Lip balms. We were given a few before we left on the trip and they are the ONLY thing that has helped my daughter's dry lips from all the air con.

I’m a vanilla bean gal myself!

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Lisa Loves: Home + Heart

LETTING THEM LEAD. Whilst on the road I’ve been letting the kids make decisions and lead the way. I wonder why I don’t do this more at home? It’s fascinating to see what happens when I take a backseat and they need to come up with solutions and ideas and plans. Giving the people in our lives room to grow and learn and make mistakes is such a gift.

Creature comforts from home are being missed (hello, my bed!) so the familiar that we have is so valuable. As weird as it sounds, my laptop case is comforting. I bought it YEARS ago from Typo. It’s pink and worn and has travelled to so many places. I thought about upgrading it before I left to something a little smaller (it’s kind of chunky!) but right now I’m so glad to get this little reminder of home all the time.

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Lisa Loves: Mind + Soul

What I’m listening to

I’m back listening to the Happy Habit app, because I am finding that I don’t have long stretches of uninterrupted time on the road. I love Fleur’s short meditations. I can do them anywhere.

And in saying that, I am revelling in the magic of silence when I have it. No inputs. It’s luxurious!

What I’m watching

Workin' Moms! Oh where have I been that I missed this show? Set in Canada, it is such a great series about the lives of women who all had a baby at the same time. Because I found it late I love that I’ve got about 5 series to watch. It’s a beautiful, light-hearted way to end my day.

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