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Lisa Loves: Health + Lifestyle

I took lots of down-time last month and gave myself permission to rest more than usual. Which of course saw me indulge in a few shows on the streaming apps.

Two absolute standouts were Normal People (how did I miss this through the Covid years!?) and I’m loving Shrinking.

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Having lived for way too many years in my Haviana thongs in warmer climates (still have and still love - just not all the time!) a few years ago I discovered a pair of Sandals by Rollie that have become my go-to. I have them in multiple colours and I love them because they strap around my ankle, have a really comfy cork footbed and they do not require wearing in! I live in them over the summer months because they look good with skirts, shorts, pants, dresses - all the things! I hope they never stop making them.

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Black Sandals

by Rollie

Lisa Loves: Home + Heart

For Christmas I asked for a cast-iron pan. But I was specific that it needed to be pre-seasoned. If you know cast-iron you know there’s a process to making it non-stick and I know myself well enough to know that would never happen ‘round here! My parents gifted me this and I’m sure there’s brilliant Australian brands but this is the one I have and can swear by. It makes everything better!

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We’ve had an ant issue lately and we’ve also had infected ears (of the earring kind - my daughter, not me as I don’t have my ears pierced!). I would like to share that never before have I loved Tea Tree Spray more. Using it on infected ears and my floor. I live for it. It can do no wrong. If Tea Tree was a human I would marry it!

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Made with Australian Tea Tree Oil

Lisa Loves: Mind + Soul

What I’m reading:

This was a brilliant article about Romantic Consumerism. Goodness Esther Perel is just awesome.

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What I’m listening to:

My daughters and I were in our local grocer a few weeks ago and a song came on over the loudspeaker. Tears pricked my eyes because it was from an album Nick used to play years ago. I LOVED this song and asked the person serving me behind the counter if they could tell me what it was (I am beyond terrible with band and song names!)

The people getting served next to me were so kind and used Shazam to find out the name of the song and it was Red Eyes by The War on Drugs. The ‘This is the War on Drugs’ playlist on Spotify has been doing the rounds on the speaker at home ever since. ‘I don’t live here anymore’ is another personal fave

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