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‘Tis the season to be… chill!

Now listen, there’s a million reasons why the festive season can go off the rails but as women who know we are capable of trying new things on - things that actually make a difference - I’m being really honest with myself this year about what is NECESSARY and what is NOT!

And choosing ease and joy and deliciousness and connection (and The Grinch on repeat with the kids!) is where it’s at for me.

There’s a stack of things I am loving right now that are adding goodness to my December - and I hope they help you have the best December yet.

Big love,

Lisa x

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This December…

Spending time with family is on the cards for us and there’s a few outdoor games that everyone enjoys. Our blended family of seven is made up of varying levels of ability when it comes to sportiness and coordination but these three games are accessible to (and loved by!) all.

Kubb is a Swedish lawn game where you knock over wooden blocks with a wooden baton. Suitable for anyone who can throw a short distance. (It’s strange how the youngest in the family are particularly good at this!)

Ladder Golf involves throwing golf balls on strings at a ladder. And earning points. I know, super descriptive! It’s strangely enjoyable and our peeps get very competitive (who, me?!)

Cornhole is the absolute most fun and often most infuriating game! The aim is to get a little beanbag into a hole on an angled board. This game is a little more expensive and heavy to move around but it’s a total crowd favourite! Pull this out on Christmas Day and everyone from toddlers to Grandparents will be lining up to have a go.

Any of these would make for fabulous Christmas gifts and get everyone outside laughing and enjoying themselves.

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My skin essentials…

For those of us in the southern hemisphere experiencing summer - I thought I’d share two things that I need on my skin in the summer months.

I have VERY pale skin. I burn if I look at the sun.

So my sun-protection really matters and, because I love a summer glow just like the next person, so does my fake-tan!

I’ve tried all the natural sunscreens and the one that has become my staple over the years is by 123 Nourish Me. With no nasty ingredients, a delicious smell and easy application - the kids and I live in it.

And recently I tried a Fake-Tan by an Australian company called Three Warriors. I am very picky with my fake tan and am pleased to share that their Mousse is a total winner! And a little reminder from this fake-tan expert - it’s always beneficial to apply with a mitt.

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What I’m Looking Forward to…

Like most people, I love a good platter. Last month I put it out to the family that we could create a ‘table platter’ for Christmas lunch. Not just a cheese and crackers platter - a full table vibe - with all our favourite Christmas foods PLUS a lot more on a decorated table.

There’s so many ways to make it really Christmassy and the whole thing, once set up, is the food for the day done. Lay it out, pick and choose, go back for more (and more) and relax!

Everyone has been given their list of things to bring, we can graze all afternoon and there’s so much experimenting with flavours and different kinds of food to be done. Then we can relax and enjoy each other’s company - just like we are meant to.

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Silly Season Tip:

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Costs can EASILY blow out with platters, especially if you love the French ever-so-ooozy cheeses and all.the.dips. Don’t forget that it’s super simple (and heaps cheaper!) to make your own pestos and hummus. And of course fruit that is in season.

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Decorating for Christmas

Decorating for Christmas is a whole thing and I’ve become more and more interested in choosing options that will last a lot longer than just a season.

I bought one of these gorgeous Felt Tinsel Garland’s last year and it honestly made me so happy hanging from my mantel piece. I’ll be getting another this year.

And listen, this is not a ‘wholefoods Lisa’ style suggestion, but I’m going to be completely honest and share that every Christmas morning I make the most ridiculous cinnamon scrolls for the family. They are such a treat (even with the sugar cut down by half - they are sweeeeet!) and the best thing is that I prepare them the night before and put them in the oven for fifteen minutes in the morning.

Cinnamon perfection!

I use a Thermomix recipe but you could easily make them without one - just get ready to do some kneading!

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Read, Watch and Listen

Each month I'll be sharing what I'm reading, watching, listening and thinking about... and I'd love your tips too! Let me know in the membership in the "Crew Loves" tab what is rockin' your world this month.

Listen: Unlocking Us podcast.

I loved the conversation Brené Brown had with Anand Giridharadas recently about his book The Persuaders. When she said that Anand’s work made HER think in new ways I was immediately intrigued. And he doesn’t disappoint. Listen in for a fascinating chat on who wins hearts and minds and how they do it through persuasion.

Watch: The Great British Bake-Off

The Great British Bake-Off would have to be one of the loveliest, most endearing shows on TV. The people on it are just so NICE. And grateful to be there and all ‘round gorgeous. I was late to the party on this one but was introduced to it by my English boyfriend who gets massively sentimental (few tears sometimes 😍) watching the show. It’s available on Binge and if you’ve never experienced it there’s lots of seasons to enjoy!

Big love
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