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Lisa Loves List Build 01-01

I’m so honoured to have you as a part of the Change Crew as we create a space that is genuinely uplifting and encouraging and REAL for women.

These lists will cover all manner of things over our time together. I’m taking note of bits and pieces in my days and weeks to share with you that might spark ideas for something for you to try on - or might just act as an interesting insight into the world of Lisa - for what it’s worth!

Either way - they are created and sent to you with LOVE.

Love’s the best, isn’t it?

More loving please!

Big love,
Lisa x

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Lisa Loves: Health + Lifestyle

This November…Let’s Get Moving

OK - so let’s start with the movement I’m loving right now… After years of not doing any kind of strengths training - I am really enjoying using a TRX.

When I shared this on socials many people wanted to know what it was - so here’s what it looks like in action.

Lisa Loves List Build 01-02

Obviously that is not me! You hang the TRX from your door frame and use your own weight as resistance. There’s a bajillion different exercises you can try which is good for someone like me who gets bored with exercise easily! Youtube has heaps of vids.

Want More? Try it on here

Official website:

Click the icon if you want to check out more
*I am not an affiliate!

Beginners Class:

Click the icon to check it out on Youtube

Lisa Loves: Health + Lifestyle

What I’m Listening to…

The Footloose soundtrack on Spotify has been played a few times to keep me smiling, but at the moment I’m also digging Vance Joy while I move my body - personal faves are Missing Piece and also the classic Riptide.

The Classic

Lisa Loves List Build 01-03

New Classic

Lisa Loves List Build 01-04

Try it on here

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Lisa Loves: Health + Lifestyle

What I’m Looking Forward to…Christmas

Lisa Loves List Build 01-07

I’m loving starting my Christmas shopping early….

The last few years December has been stressfully expensive so I’m committed to getting on top of Christmas shopping earlier and spacing things out.

The kids have done their lists and I am slowly starting to tick things off. It feels good to know I won’t repeat the old habits.

Lots more coming next month as we commit to a Festive Season of ease! And this is an example of how I’m getting started early with the ease-fullness!

I can make a different choice anytime, right?

(Big props to my sister-in-law who has already been on the blower to me in October sorting things out - people like her impress me so much! #notmystrength #andokwithit!)

Drooling over:

I’m drooling over simple Australian Bush table decorations on Pinterest.

Drooling over:

I’m drooling over simple Australian Bush table decorations on Pinterest.

Silly Season Tip:

If you find the Silly Season stressful - Naughty Naturopath Mum has some great mists that you can spray into a room to help ease the tension.

Lisa Loves: Home + Heart

Feeling Spring-y

It’s Spring here in the southern hemisphere and I’m loving the jasmine flowering in my backyard.

Lisa Loves List Build 01-06

Once everything is cleared I want to do some planting (ever the optimist!) and I found this really great interactive tool to check out which seeds are good for planting where you live.

Check it out here:

The Seed Collection

Click the icon to check out The Seed Collection if you’re interested for any time of the year in any location. It’s nifty!

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Lisa Loves: Mind + Soul

Read, Watch and Listen

Each month I'll be sharing what I'm reading, watching, listening and thinking about... and I'd love your tips too! Let me know in the membership in the "Crew Loves" tab what is rockin' your world this month.

Watch: Welcome to Wrexham

There will probably always be some kind of show I’m recommending because while I don’t watch TV - I love a good series and because I’m a soccer mum and a fan of Ryan Reynolds - Welcome to Wrexham was a fabulous, heart-warming doco on Disney Plus. Got me in the feels many times and I love a series where the eps are 20 minutes each!

Read: The Myth of Normal by Gabriel Maté

At the moment I’m reading about fifteen books (haha!!) but the two I’m really into are - The Myth of Normal by Gabriel Maté - it’s a fascinating read and if you’d like a sense of what it’s about - here is a great interview with him

We are constantly trying to adapt to a very abnormal society - not conducive to health and happiness in many ways. Listening/reading Gabriel Maté’s work is an invitation for us to try on seeing our society as toxic and reminding us of the importance of simple things - like loving attachment and allowing ourselves to feel our feelings.

Recommended if you are into that kind of self-inquiry.

Read: Patriarchy Stress Disorder by Valerie Rein

I’m loving Patriarchy Stress Disorder by Valerie Rein, which was gifted to my be a gorgeous friend who felt it resonated with a lot of what I’m talking about at the moment - and that we uncovered in the Survey on Women.

It most certainly does!

She talks about the role patriarchy has played in making us feel worthLESS - as in - worth less than men. It’s a really great take on the physical, psychological, and emotional impact created by being a woman living in a patriarchal society.

If you find it hard to rest and slow down and continue to push your body to it’s limits - this will be illuminating!

Big love
until next month…

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